Thursday, June 30, 2011

Buttons And Eyes...

Buttons And Eyes by Bill Gekas

I try to study many portraits from many different photographers to see what makes certain images work. I've found this to be a hard task sometimes as it can also be so subjective. What works for me is to try and find this out the opposite way by looking at images that don't work as it's easier to see what elements are at fault.
Whilst looking at many of these type of photos and then comparing them to photos that do work I came across something that i've noticed before but haven't paid too much attention to. Photographers from different regions have a different style. I'm really liking the style that many russian/east european photographers have, I can't really pin it to what it is but it's definitely there, it's as if the photos have a certain simplicity yet timeless deeper mood about them that can be felt as well as seen. If you look at some of the works by these artists on Photodom1x or 500px you should be able to see what i'm talking about.

Buttons And Eyes lighting diagram