Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Camellia Girl...

Camellia Girl by Bill Gekas

Here's one from the weekend. This was more a study and practice of composition than anything else and although i've played with this renaissance triangle before I just wanted to come back to it in a more obvious setting. I don't know if it's just me but looking at some other works where the triangle is very obvious it seems that the image correlates to being  just as strong, something i'll be keeping an eye out for in the future.

Anyway, this is just a two light setup and reflector job. A bare speedlight set to wide at about 1/8 power to cam right behind subject lighting the background and a speedlight at about 1/4 power in my westcott apollo 28" softbox cam front right about 45 deg. I used a large gold reflector cam left to throw some light back into the areas that went into harsh shadow.

The background for this image was just a yellow velour type material which was stretched out and pinned down on my background stand, the idea was that in post I would overlay a texture file with cracks over it to give the impression of an old venetian type wall. The tricky part was getting the garden clock to hang from the ceiling without creasing the yellow material, this was then achieved by placing a light stand behind the backdrop, raising it above the crossbar and with a forward offset tie the clock to it with some string, a few curses later and it worked! The camellia flowers were from my neighbour's garden, the garden clock was borrowed from it's place outside, the brass vase I borrowed from my parents, the table is the timber capping off a fish tank resting on two chairs, one either side. Part of this story is 'improvise', try not to buy things you may never need again, this shoot cost me only the yellow velour material which I bought about 2 meters off from a fabric store for about $20 and i'm sure i'll use it again sometime. I can't emphasize enough how important pre-planning is with this type of shot, the more planning and thought that goes into it, the better the end result, just my experience.

Camellia Girl lighting diagram