Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Pears by Bill Gekas

As you can see in my latest photo above, i'm still exercising the compositions, styles and lighting of the old master painters and I find i'm always learning little things along the way in relation to light and shadow, composition, negative spaces, tonal relationships etc. I've done a few of these style portraits now to be convinced that one could keep practicing this style for many years and never really master it but always inch closer to artistic and technical perfection if it at all exists.

As usual this shoot took a bit of thought and pre-planning but really cost me nothing other than a little of my own time. The pears were starting to go yellowy soft and ready to be thrown when it hit me that I could incorporate them into a shoot. The shirt was a cheesecloth type top that belonged to my wife and was sort of safety pinned to be shortened in places, the headscarf just a blue velour type fabric along with a red velour type fabric wrapped around and safety pinned again to become the skirt. The basket to hold the pears I found in my kitchen cupboard, the table is a small coffee table to which I threw a red fabric over it and the backdrop is my usual length of brown felt type material stretched out on my backdrop stand. But enough of the ramble, you get the picture (or the photo) ;-)

Here's the lighting diagram which probably puts things into a better perspective. The rest is careful post work in which blending modes and layer masks come in quite handy.

Pears lighting diagram