Monday, October 17, 2011


Orchid by Bill Gekas

Here's a quick one from the weekend! I shot this on Sunday afternoon and only because an hour or so earlier I was in a dept. store and saw this hat for $15 which I knew I could use in a shoot. Well, a couple of hours later the $15 paid off with this photo and i'm sure it'll pay off again when I use it down the track sometime.
No other setup really other than the backdrop stand and picking a fresh bunch of orchids from my back yard. I didn't even use any lights but decided to go for a lower contrast scene using only large diffused window light camera right. Large because the window is about 6ft wide by 8ft high and diffused because there is a translucent lace curtain softening the light. As much as I enjoy working out the numbers setting up strobes, reflectors, grids etc. there's something special about using the ethereal qualities of natural light and getting the shot. In this case the window was like a giant softbox that was large enough and close enough for almost complete wraparound to not even warrant the usage of a reflector on the opposite side.