Thursday, December 15, 2011


Rapunzel by Bill Gekas

Here's one I shot the other day! Sometimes inspiration can come from anywhere and with this shot it came from my loungeroom floor! Yep, I saw my daughter's disney book of the story 'Rapunzel' on the floor and it was one of those light bulb clicking moments where I just had to shoot it.

What makes this photo slightly different to the others is that I used a third bare speedlight at a stop less than the others pointing to my white ceiling to create some fill. I just wanted her lit a bit more evenly than having just a reflector on the opposite side like I usually do on other photos. As the lighting diagram below shows a reflector, it actually didn't have much influence here as the speedlight providing the fill was overpowering what the reflector was throwing back. I just left it there as a gobo to prevent flare entering the lens from that speedlight more than anything else.

Rapunzel lighting diagram