Monday, March 12, 2012


Beanie by Bill Gekas

This is one of the first few frames from last week when I shot the photo 'Fur'. Usually when I plan a shoot I have a particular shot in mind and aim to get the one i'm after, but when I looked back through my lightroom roll this week I noticed this one shot that had potential!
With this shot I remember I was just getting the lighting right before I brought the cat into the scene, but the clarity, pose, expression and overall simplicity of this image warranted a lightly toned monochrome which worked out well! In fact it worked out so well it was sitting on 500px's most popular photos front page for a day! These lucky moments don't happen too often with me, but when they do I embrace them and the lesson here is to always look back through your archives as they may hold a keeper which you may have missed or ignored looking for the planned hero shot! I won't bother posting a lighting diagram as it was only a few frames before and is exactly the same setup as the previous photo 'Fur'.