Sunday, March 04, 2012


Fur by Bill Gekas

Sometimes the most unplanned of shoots can be the most successful! This is just how this shot worked out. Normally i'm the type of person that likes to plan the shoot well in advance as it sort of guarantees me i'm going to get what I envisioned.
With this shot here I knew what I wanted to do but it was meant to have been a mock up shot as I had the setup ready anyway and only had five minutes to shoot as I was expecting visitors.
I kept it simple in regards to the lighting and shot it only with one speedlight in a 28" apollo softbox and a reflector opposite as the diagram below shows. I took about 20 - 30 frames and after I downloaded and checked them out on screen I came across this one file that was a definite keeper. A bit of post to clean and enhance some of the tones and it became quite a popular photo on 500px. This is one of the reasons why I love photography so much. Sometimes it's these unexpected bonuses that can bring the element of surprise to another level!

Fur lighting diagram