Saturday, November 26, 2011

Cherries... and my new 31" octabox.

Cherries by Bill Gekas

Here's a photo that wasn't really planned but the bowl of cherries were about to be eaten when I saw an opportunity to incorporate them into a shoot before the tasteful pleasure! :-) Well I always try to find opportunities to shoot but on this occasion I had an even better reason to. You see a few weeks back I ordered a 31" octabox from eBay for USD$50 that a facebook friend put me onto, and having received it a few days ago I was just itching to shoot with it!

eBay 31" octabox

As most people know, my usual get up and go key light is my trusty Westcott apollo 28" softbox as it serves me well and will continue to do so. The only thing with my apollo softbox is it gives me square catchlights which are desirable for certain photos and in particular if I tape a cross on the diffusor to mimic the reflection of a window, but occasionally I just want the quality and control of a softbox with the more circular catchlights. Now i've mentioned before my stance on catchlights being that I don't believe they carry enough weight by themselves to make or break an image, but sometimes I just want to reach that little bit deeper in my quest to approaching that elusive technical and artistic perfection.

I also have a Paul C Buff 47" octabox which is suited for my Einstein 640w/s strobe but this is just a bigger unit and although has it's place too, just not in my smaller studio space and not with my speedlights. The 31" octabox from eBay is like my 28" apollo in that it folds like an umbrella and I can throw a speedlight in it which points to the back reflective surface of the octabox to bounce light forward for more even light distribution as opposed to having an internal baffle like in other octa/softbox designs. The only issue I have with this octabox is the same issue I have with the apollo in that it can't really tilt once the light stand goes through the zipper underneath, not a deal breaker though as there's workarounds. Other than that, the build and material quality is much better than what I expected for USD$50 which included shipping cost, but even if the build or material quality wasn't quite there, for that price, who cares! :-)

Cherries lighting diagram