Saturday, January 07, 2012

Mini Me...

Mini Me by Bill Gekas

My first photo for 2012! One of her Christmas presents from her aunty (my sister) happened to be an outfit with a matching outfit for her toy dolls. When I saw what it was on the day I may have been more excited about it than she was. Immediately I knew I had my shot! Although I never would have thought she considered dressing the cat in the outfit!
The cat knew somethng was going on and bolted quick, so Jemima from Play School worked out a more appropriate prop!

Lately i've been really admiring the works by the late Diane Arbus and one of her photos that came to mind when I thought this one out was 'Twins'.
Diane somehow had this talent to capture people in that split second when the freakiness came out of them, and for those that know her work would understand what i'm on about.

With this photo I wanted to do something similar. I wanted an atmosphere of creepiness from it, yet for it to be a beautiful fine art portrait at the same time. When I posted this online I got just the reaction from a number of people that confirmed to me I had succeeded! The words that were used to describe it were hauntingly beautiful or creepy yet sweet! Like something from a horror movie like the twin girls from the movie 'The Shining', you get the drift! ;-)

The lighting for this one again is pretty straight forward, a basic two speedlight setup with one speedlight in a 28" softbox cam right 45 deg as key light, one bare speedlight cam left pointing to white ceiling for some even fill and a white reflector cam left next to subject just out of frame. The diagram below will give you a better idea.

Mini Me lighting diagram