Sunday, May 27, 2012

Maid It...

Maid It by Bill Gekas

Lately i've really been enjoying works that have a more muted color palette and i've recently created a couple of images based on this lighter mood compared to my usual richer and darker style i've been known for.

This photo relies mainly on it's atmospheric quality to work. What I mean by this is that the large amount of negative space being the wall top right almost fills half the frame yet is an important part of the final image in creating the atmosphere an image like this needs.

The composition is based on using four main elements being the chinese urn, the books, the model and then to offset it's symmetry we place the picture frame off centre and much higher than the other elements which in turn evokes a more dramatic atmosphere as it unbalances the symmetrical harmony which could have otherwise just been a renaissance triangle composition without it.

The light is a single speedlight placed in a medium sized 28 inch softbox camera right which mimics the soft qualities of window light, this is placed just out of frame as close as possible to the model to utilize the softness and wrap around quality. Opposite to the other side we have a large white reflector to fill some detail back into the shadow areas. I still love what we can do using just one light with a bit of thought and am realizing some of my more favourite images created by myself and by my peers are usually created with just one light! Lighting diagram shown below.

Maid It lighting diagram