Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Pleiadian by Bill Gekas

I shot this one a few weeks ago and have been a bit slow in blogging some of my setups lately due to a common everyday distraction called life! All good though and this photo from a technical perspective isn't ground breaking in anyway where I just had to drop it all and blog it but have finally found some time to put into the blog which I think lately has been lacking a lighting diagram.

The setup here is just my usual two light setup and reflector! The key light being a speedlight in a 28" softbox cam left 45 degrees high just out of frame, second speedlight with a 65 degree gridspot attached pointing to background, a large white circular reflector camera right just out of frame for some fill! Nothing out of the ordinary in regards to the lighting but what makes this shot work well is the facial expression, strange headpiece and the way the colors interact with each other. The lighting just had to be soft and clean to avoid being the main point of interest. Lighting diagram shown below.

Lower cost eBay strobist gear...

Lately i've been receiving a few emails regarding the strobist gear I use in relation to speedlights, rf triggers, light mods, reflectors etc etc... The main questions being how good is this lower cost Made In China eBay purchased equipment that i'm known for using. I'll blog it soon, but let's just say for now that for the price and for my purpose they work very well!

Pleiadian lighting diagram