Thursday, November 29, 2012

GOLD! International Loupe Awards 2012...

Gold Award 'International Loupe Awards 2012'

It doesn't get much better than this in the photography award scene. The 'International Loupe Awards' are held annually where some of the world's most talented photographers compete in the open and amateur sections to have their works judged by some of the most respected photography judges in the international scene.

I'm proud to announce that just recently my results came back from the 2012 awards and my image 'Pleiadian' above scored a Gold award in the open section under the People & Portrait category! This same image also scored a Gold award in the final judging round of 'Creative Asia 2012' earlier this year placing it as runner up 'Creative Asia 2012' portrait of the year. This year I submitted a total of seven images in two different categories in the open section of the 'International Loupe Awards' and have proudly come away with 1 Gold, 3 Silver and 3 Bronze awards!

What makes the 'International Loupe Awards' one of the most prestigious competitions other than the prize money involved is the fact that the standard of works expected are of the highest and all images are judged accordingly by a panel of carefully selected photography judges. Unlike other awards the judging process is unique in that the judges do not judge works from the same region in the world. This to a degree sort of prevents any buddies doing buddies a favour type of thing which is just one of the few advantages. As the judges are isolated from one another the challenge system does not apply here which I believe is a positive thing as judges are not persuaded or influenced by other judges decisions and visions, the whole judging and scoring process is explained in more detail on their website. It's a carefully refined system with thoughtful consideration put into it and unlike other competitions, silver and gold awards in the 'International Loupe Awards' are far and fewer between than what many are accustomed to, again, a reflection of the standards expected at this level.