Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Interviewed, featured, published etc...

A few of the publications

It's been a mad couple of months! Throughout February and March I was contacted by various international media outlets requesting written/telephone interviews, images and permission to publish and print my work etc. At the start I didn't think much of it but it didn't take me long to realize my work went viral!
This confirmed why my Google+ circle count hit over 100K in a few days!  My inbox, webstats and the social media activity surrounding the work was just buzzing and although a majority of the features were about the body of work itself the other aspect to it that the media and general public found appealing was this father daughter creative collaboration!

Honored to have been featured and just some of the media outlets that featured my work were, NBC TodayABC NewsHuffington PostDaily Mail UKNews LimitedDie WeltLa RepubblicaPetapixel, Babble, a telephone interview with German radio station MDR Jump and even some television coverage in Brazil. There'll be some more upcoming features i've authorized over the course of the next few months including some television exposure on my work to be aired in Japan and France. To be honest i've lost track of it and recently tuned out a bit but the exposure and general feedback has been great as the work has been very well received by my peers and general public.

Where to from here...?
So with all the exposure generated came an influx of requests for commissioned work, workshops, exhibitions and other projects received from many regions which is usually what most photographers want!
Most people that know me also know that i'm not a full time working photographer! I part own and successfully run another business in a completely unrelated industry. Sure, i'll shoot the occasional portrait for a client on an off day which also funds my gear purchases to an extent but the transition from part time working photographer to full time working photographer is a step i've been slowly building towards over the last year or so! A career change into this over saturated industry must be done thoughtfully, it's a numbers game and like all business decisions it'll be calculated and risk assessed before fully transitioning.

Now I also avoid using the word "Professional" in front of photographer as I still haven't been satisfied by the definition of it given by various people and organizations! It seems the definition seems to vary by region and in most cases used by those that have certain interests or agendas in making sure the word "Professional" precedes their chosen occupation. We just need to look in a few main dictionaries and we'll get a few varying definitions of the word in each one! Pick whichever definition works for you! I'll eventually be satisfied with the one definition of it from the same person that discovers how long a piece of string is! In the meantime the rest can keep debating it as they have been for so many years whilst the rest of us practice our craft!