Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gran Toula...

Gran Toula by Bill Gekas

On the 26th of January here in Australia we celebrated Australia Day public holiday! Although i've had quite a few projects up my sleeve to shoot with Athena I decided it was time to shoot a portrait of my 87 year old grandmother, Athena's great grandmother.

I've been meaning to take her portrait for a long time and always kept putting it back due to other commitments but time doesn't stand still for anyone, and although her mind is still as sharp as what it ever was her body lately hasn't been keeping up. I had to shoot this portrait and what better timing than to create it on Australia Day! This portrait is for the whole family but I have decided to share it.
The lesson here... shoot our loved elderly ones whilst you still have the opportunity of doing so!

For those of you interested in the lighting, this one is just a simple 50" Westcott Apollo softbox slightly camera left with rf triggered ganged speedlights inside at 1/2 pwr each. It was also my first shoot with my new Pentax K3 camera, a nice piece of kit!